Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Have you ever given serious thought to "Have I lived before?"

The idea alone is fascinating and when you consider the possibilities, the imagination wanders.  I do know from reading any number of periodicals over the years or watching documentaries and specials on the topic, that some of the possible leading traits are "Do I have any characteristics in my own life that seem very strong and I have no explanation for, or even memories or visions of things over and over that have no direct connection to you in any way?"  I can say in answer to this, I do have a couple.

The first "trait" as I will call it, is a high regard to paper, to writing things down and copying things down, always having writing paper or notebooks around me at all times.  In fact I find myself in the past even hoarding notebooks and paper so that I would never be without it.  Is this some kind of indication that I had a job or position that dealt with writing, paper or dictation?  Or maybe archiving?  And archiving leads to my second "trait."

Archiving is something I have always done since I was little.  I am the one that preserves personal videos with friends, or saves pictures of all experiences.  I catalog, date and preserve.  Why am I so compulsive in this particular fashion?  I am an avid video collector and seek to preserve anything that might be rare or disappearing, sometimes even to the point of "just in case it might vanish."  Again, compulsive archiving is at the forefront of my existence sometimes.

One last "trait" that I can recall is a dream since I was small of an old cottage or cabin in the woods, long grown over.  Later in life I returned to the same cabin and found only the foundation of the structure, but it was still the same cabin, in the same place.  Was this maybe where I lived at some point in time?  I have never lived or resided in a cabin in my current lifetime.  Why do I keep returning to my old homestead, is somebody there that I am expecting to find?  Are they waiting for me?  Were they waiting for me and I never returned?

I am not saying this is past life traits, but I have had them long enough and strong enough to ponder the idea and consider, if we have lived before, do we carry small traits and quirks with us that seem to cling to our souls and spill out into our new lives and physical bodies? 

The topic of reincarnation and past lives is an interesting topic even if you do not believe in such things do to personal reasons, or religious.  Who might we have been in the past? Or even the future for that matter?  Will I carry forth traits I have from this life into the next?

I do find it puzzling that so many people who claim to have "lived a past life", seem to announced they were someone famous or of significant important in our world, I find the odds of this the same as somebody you know being famous or a celebrity now, probably even less.  Why can't someone be a cobbler instead of Cleopatra?  Or a shoe maker rather than King Henry VIII?  I think this might be where the imagination can dangerously take over and the individual then believes or makes themselves believe in anything and everything.

Anthony Anderson

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