Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Possession has been around for thousands of years and the understanding behind it has changed of the course of those years. Hundreds of years ago when someone had an ailment of the mind of body, that person was considered "possessed" by something evil and malicious and the goal was to rid the person of the infliction.  In a general sense, they are in fact 'possessed' by the illness and until the body rids it from their physical sense, they will remain so.  

It would seem the lack of understanding in body and health led many to believe all sorts of things.  What could cause such a physical disruption?  Did something get into the body to cause this fever, or sores?  If something entered the body and is causing harm, then it must be flushed out and removed, water intake, leeches to suck the tainted blood, thus perhaps removing the foreign matter that possesses the individual.

With religion, comes a different arena of belief in possession.  Bringing to the table fear of damnation, fear of God, a sinner who has been inflicted with demons due to lack of faith and beliefs.  On top of the pre-existing "possession of health and ailment" we now add "possession of evil, demons and the Devil."  These angles of possession intertwined and co-existing, could create all kinds of new forms of possession.

When one hears voices, faith believers then come to the conclusion that it must be demons or the Devil, what else could it be?  These demons are wooing the person they inhabit, they are coaxing them to do the opposite of the Lord, to spread evil, mischief or inflict harm in others.  As they are demons, they then must only be removed by someone close to the church; this is the only solution.
Let us look at this from a different perspective, what if these voices and inflictions are not caused by demons or The Devil?  What if these were caused by someone from somewhere else, who has full access to the world around us, undetected by sight or sound (for the most part), and can manipulate, or antagonize us, knowing full well our fears, beliefs, anxieties or upmost secrets and then use them against us in a multitude of different ways.

How can such a people use them against us, we don't hear or see them?  Or do we?  Maybe those thoughts you get into your head that are not so good, startle you and make you ask yourself "Why did I just think THAT!?"  Maybe you unconsciously do something that you never ordinarily would and you later pay the price and say "Why did I do that, I never would even think of doing that!?" 
Maybe those people who are "possessed" are simply conduits or sensitives and have an open channel, thus even deeper manipulation.  When these "possessed sensitives" are inflicted and preyed upon, people then jump to all past conclusions on why this must be happening.  They were not "of faith" so a demon has latched itself to them.  They were a Paranormal Investigator, and must have taken a demon or evil soul as an attachment.  

All of this is here say of course, including my own theory.  How do we know the dead can really "attach" to us at all?  How do we really know that the dead are around us?  In short, we don't know who or what is really around us.  Anyone who claims to know, has either been told by someone else, or convinced themselves they have all the answers.  If they do have all these answers, I would ask of a money-back guarantee if I was possessed and they were exorcising me.
Let's keep looking at the idea that a sensitive might be a victim of something that nobody else can remedy realistically, but they have to endure all the ritual and promises of others that it will be resolved and the "entity" be cast out for good and then arrive that it has or has not worked out that way.  It becomes almost insult to injury after the fact.

Humans are cruel to each other and find ways to manipulate and try to control one another, who is to say that someone else just like us, or even further, IS us in another form or place, has the advantage to due unspeakable things to their fellow species, simply because they have the means to do so.
How are they able to do the things they do?  How can they move objects, replicate voices, knock, appear to us, lift us up, scratch us, touch us, breathe on us, and physically harm us?  There is no proof that they are not physical beings where they are, maybe a thin, onion skin between us is enough to soften the physicality of action.

What if someone else existed that is allowing them to do these things to us?  What if this someone does not fully understand us and let's these people manipulate us to try and understand us better?  What if the ones being allowed to do things to us, are taking advantage of this opportunity and using it as a means of amusement and torture?  What I am describing is we move on somewhere else and co-exist with someone else who has the technology but maybe not the human understanding on why we do the things we do.  Our people could easily lie or make things up so that they are allowed to continue to prey on someone they selected, or relay that they are "helping them become a better person", etc.  

This would explain why some people have problems for a while and others for years at a time.  How long can a person or group of people continue to do cruel and unspeakable things to one person?  Do they allow it as a free for all and invite others to take a shot at them?  Upset those around them?  Continually manipulate their lives and environment, taking a sick sadistic pleasure at this? This could be a form of mental illness somewhere else, maybe these opportunities have intensified, thus explaining the rampant increase in hauntings and possessions in general.

Which leads me back to the topic at hand, possession.  Maybe what we look at as something evil and foreign entering the body is not, its manipulation all around us (by this I mean under us, beside us, etc.) and interaction with our minds and thoughts (or direct communication and verbal abuse for sensitives). 

How do you explain speaking in tongues? Who is to say they are not hearing someone else speaking another language and they are repeating it due to wearing them down and exhaustion?  Who is to say when super strength is applied, that there are not many around during the "exorcism" and combined can push or lift someone?  Under the stress and belief that this person is possessed by The Devil they can do unspeakable things, this is the perfect scenario to ramp up the drama and situation would it not?

My personal theory is possession is an age old belief in the unknown, and has crossed over to religion and is nothing more than an explanation for a form of control.  With the church, control taking control over another controlled scenario for their own means, to convert and gain followers.  If you are the expert, all who are “possessed” will come to you with their problems.

Who is the puppet in this scenario? The person who is "possessed"?  The Church who claims expertise in the reasons for the cause of the "possession"?  I think both are the puppets.  What we need to learn is how to cut the strings that manipulate us and those around us.  To eliminate the manipulation, we first need to discover who, where, how and why they are able to do these things in the first place, then take action.

-Anthony Anderson 7/26/16

Wednesday, July 20, 2016



A couple of months back I visited some places with someone I am close to that have a long history of burials and cremated urns dating back to the Nineteenth century.  Besides being fascinated by the history and beauty of the landscape and architecture, it was suggested that I borrow my sister's PX to see if we can quietly investigate and perhaps capture an EVP.

After sometime of walking and looking at all the interesting names and dates we came across, we discreetly turned on the PX and waited. Nothing came forth. We tried it a couple more times and were met with the same results. We concluded that it was for the best and we walked away from our visit feeling a sense of peace and contentment.

Now this may seem strange for someone who has talked of visiting places with the idea that we are going to investigate and document if there may be spirit activity in the surroundings. After all we are trying to look for what can be described as a shot in the dark or the echo in the silence that humanity has searching the answers to for centuries. But let's say for the sake of believing in the afterlife that perhaps it is best to conclude that most of these people are done with their earthly deeds and they are on to their next journey and hopefully surrounded by their loved ones and not looking back. Of course that is a hope and wish that many of us want for someone we love and for ourselves. But as we all know from this life which Keats once described as a vale of tears, it does not always end up that way.

When calling forth voices from the shadows either through a seance or when investigating, it takes a combination of patience, questions, research and intuition to distinguish whether an unknown voice or name is connected to you, someone in your team or to the past of the place you are currently researching. Many times after visiting a place often the same names and voices come in to say hello and recognize names and faces. Then there are the spirits of loved ones who step in to visit and make themselves known. You wouldn't believe the tears and beaming smiles I have witnessed when this happens. It makes it all worthwhile and makes one want to dwell more into this area simply for the fact that we are touching upon something very special and sacred.

We will discuss this side of spirit contact more for future talks and articles. For the the time being, lets talk about what is termed as forgotten souls. This term is meant to describe someone who is wandering in the same place as he or she frequented in life or in a place near by where they feel drawn to. Once many years ago this person was loved and mourned but as the decades pass, relatives and friends leave this earth and only names and dates are left to tell us of their existence. But somehow this person did not feel as if they got closure so they go back to the place most familiar to them. When I have ran across this, as exciting as it is to hear the evidence, I can't help feeling a twinge of sadness. In life when one is not moving forward we feel stagnant and incomplete. Imagine what it is like when you no longer have a body and the majority of people walking past you do not even hear or acknowledge you exist. Some may argue that people are attracted to the same life because they are creatures of habit. While.this is true to some.extent being a creature of habit takes on a whole new tone when you have left the body. And the reason I know this so well is because of the experience I had when my mother made her passing.

When my mother became ill and could barely leave the house it became harder and harder to care for her on my own. My sister and I tried to get a caretaker to come in the apartment but they quit because she was so hard to deal with and she refused their help. Eventually we had no choice but to put her into full time hospice care. She hated it and kept asking when she is going to come home. Eventually as her body declined her mind started wandering. One time I got a phone call from her where the conversation went like this: Baby I'm coming home. I'm on Van Ness right now a few blocks away. I will be there in a few minutes. So let me in. I said, "Ok mother," and hung up the phone. I knew she was in her hospice bed and no where near the apartment building but somehow she was out of her body and thought she was coming home. It was one of the weirdest conversations I ever had with her. Eventually she made her passing and a week later. I had a dream. Except that it was not a dream. I was out of my body and standing in the apartment with my mother while she was looking.at all of her things which were piled up in boxes. She kept asking so these are all of my things? I said Yes mother. She said So I'm really gone? I kept trying to convince her. She just wouldn't believe it and she would not leave. Linda and I had dreams every week of relatives trying to convince her that this life was done and she needed to go. In fact they started coming before she died because she pointed them out while on her hospital bed. But she would not budge. A new neighbor moved into her formal apartment and by the look on his face I could tell he sensed her presence. He moved out shortly. This went on for almost a year. Then one night I had a dream. My mother was standing near a bus stop and she said Baby I don't want to go but I have to. She told me she would miss me. I woke up and cried my eyes out.

I brought up this story because it opened my eyes to the sad realities of what happens when a soul is really haunting the same place. So when ever I come across what might be a spirit in the premises I approach the situation with respect and compassion. We have enough indifference in our lives among the living. By showing empathy and caring toward the departed we are passing along something along for them to carry along to the next world. Thus our connection becomes stronger and it goes full circle.

Of course as much as we feel for those souls who are lost or incomplete, we realize we all can't help everyone. If you do not feel equipped to help them don't try. There are people who are skilled in services for that very purpose. Instead just send them a blessing. Wishes and blessings help more than you will ever know. Remember you are sending it to the spirit world which is strong in the world of thought. If enough good intentions are sent, those thoughts go a long way in reverberating though the veil, and circumstances shift and change.

The silver lining to all of this is that when we learn from gathering evidence of different names and voices, we can trace a name or a history and it opens the door to something wider that we carry to the living. Histories and relatives are revealed. Hidden memories are brought to life again.

May all lives be remembered

What is remembered lives...

Talk to you all on the air.

Verna Wilson

A vale of tears quoted by John Keats letter to George and Georgiana Keats 1819.
What Is Remembered Lives from the Spiral Dance by the Reclaiming collective.


Monday, July 11, 2016


The phenomena of ghosts in photographs is an old one, but with the advent of technology, it has become easier to replicate and falsify these images.  With technology presenting many options and software programs to create an "other worldly" visitation, it has also become harder to debunk some of them.

There are a number of classic "ghost photos" and they have been around for decades.  The older photos are therefor harder to debunk, since it would take far more effort and time, and they are also on film as opposed to digital photos. 

Snapshots of family holiday events from decades past, do they feature a rare appearance from a long-passed relative, or even a close friend? Many claim that their images are genuine and do feature ghostly faces or bodies, seemingly floating in the air near or behind people posing for photos.

Everyone has seen these type of photographs online and they offer some source information, but many do not.  Larger heads then those also seen posing in the photograph, does this imply they are closer to the camera then others posing?  Photographs of some "ghosts" show people missing heads, arms or legs, or vanishing into a wisp of light or color.

Others see faces inside orbs of photos, many believe this to be matrixing.  Orbs themselves are very questionable inside the paranormal field and many ignore them as dust particles, insects or reflections of light.  Could Grandma be making an appearance inside a giant dust orb in the living room by the Christmas tree?  The answer to that question would depend on whom you ask and how they view the phenomena itself.

You see photos of faces directly behind others or even on top of other faces.  Is this a close relative saying hello, or maybe its simply the face of someone who was passing by watching and wanted to jump into the picture with everyone else.

A recent film, "The Conjuring 2", actually recreated a picture taken at he Amityville Horror house, when Ed and Lorraine Warren did a walk through with a reporter and photographer.  They captured what looks like a small boy peering around a doorway.  The movie succeeds in replicating this moment when the photographer took the photo.  This small moment impressed me, as unless you are familiar with this photo, you would have no idea what had small detail had occurred. The belief is that is that of the one of the young DeFeo boys who was killed inside the house before George and Kathy Lutz moved in with their family for 28 days.

I have seen a number of photos from fellow investigators and most are questionable and a great many take a good deal of "wishing" to see a ghostly apparition. 

How does one go about capturing a ghost in a photograph?  Taking lots and lots of photos!  I take many photographs to use as visual aids in my EVP videos, and not specifically as "ghost or spirit photography".  Have I captured any ghosts in my photos while documenting the location that i captured my EVP recordings?  I think I have, some even I say are questionable, but one or two really puzzle me when I look at them, even today.

I will post my own photos just before this week's show so you all can take a look for yourself.

Any tips on how to evaluate and review photographs so that you can tell if it might be matrixing or a real ghost captured?  A good method is to take your photos in series of 3.  This provides a before or after show, if you capture a spirit face or image.  You can compare the same shot with another, if one has no image and the other does, ask yourself what could be causing the phenomena?  Reflection from a window or metallic surface close by?  A beam from another person's flashlight, caught for a split second while taking the photograph?  Outside is there insects flying around that I may not have noticed when taking the photograph?  Also do these faces only appear in photos when I use a single type of camera or phone over and over again?  Have you tried another to see if they are still present?

A healthy dose of skepticism is good when dealing with any paranormal research whether it be photos or audio.  Get opinions of those around you, don't tell them what it is, show them the photo and say simply "Take a look at this photo and tell me what you see."

Tony Anderson

Wednesday, July 6, 2016



The idea of sharing my life as a medium comes forth as strange and slightly uncomfortable even though I have been opening up to speaking about it for the past few years. I have been investigating and lecturing on the subject of mediums with a local paranormal investigation group and doing readings for the local pagan/metaphysical community and my circle of friends and acquaintances I have known over the years. I will be speaking of it as a radio Co-Host and doors are opening in ways I never imagined and the journey getting there has not been an easy one.

I will save the details of how I got there for another time, but I will say that growing up as an extra heightened sensitive has been both scary and a blessing combined in one. When relying on myself it worked in ways that defied the natural order of things, resolving many problems in my favor. As a child I would read someone's mind, mention their thoughts out loud and at times heard it, as if the person was actually speaking it; this did not make me popular with others. I realized it was not considered normal and growing up always had the feeling as if I were on the outside looking in.

My way of seeing became a part of my life, and I came to the conclusion that all of us have some degree of intuition that we are able to tap into. The reason for this is that it helps us dwell deeper and look into ourselves when life seems uncertain and not necessarily always as an extra sensitive but enough to have a new inkling of insight then go back to everyday life. Both types have their purpose and all of it is important and a contribution to the race and culture although it's the extra sensitive that tend to get the attention once their work gets out into the world.  For this reason they are often put on pedestals and come down very quickly when their imperfections are revealed.  People tend to focus on the gift and forget that there is a human being behind it with flaws and problems and most of the time they have learned compassion and insight into the human heart. That is what makes them able to work so well with the spirit world and help humanity on both sides of the veil. I am not making excuses if someone does not act in an ethical manner or does not treat someone right. Keep in mind that spirit is not often a respecter of personality and often those people with rough beginnings or a flawed background is someone who has gained a lot of wisdom and is often your best teacher.

Allow me to share information from my wealth of experience. I am often asked what is the best way to work with your intuition and and find out what path it is opening up for you. The following advice may seem basic but it works. 

1. Trust Your Dreams. We have heard this one countless times before but dreams do come from the subconscious and that is where you are tapping in to other realms and receiving visitations from loved ones, those who have passed over and those who are still alive on this plane of existence. Keep a notebook by your bed and write them down as soon as you can, even the so called silly dreams. In review of your dreams you will be surprised at what you learn about yourself.

2. Waking Dreams.  This is where something happens in your waking life and it works in two ways.  It tends to repeat it's self in different situations until you learn what the pattern is trying to teach you and then it starts to shift, or an unusual circumstance happens and you know it was meant for you to witness it. For example you saw an old friend on the bus and he or she smiled and waved hello and then you find out that this friend made his or her passing recently and no one but you saw this person; I am only naming one example. Both situations should be interpreted as if it were a dream. You will be surprised at the answers that come up.

3. Waking Dreams (Physical).  Another form of a waking dream is to watch what comes in your hands and it appears to reflect your current circumstances. For example, after my mother passed away, I was at the library bookstore hoping to find a book to escape with. An antique book called “The Palace Beautiful" by L. T. Meade was chosen that day. It was a story about these sisters who just lost their mother. I completely identified with it and it helped me through my grief as well as discover a new author whose books I now collect and continue to find inspiring.

4. Decisions.  When making a decision you will often know it is the right one, simply because it feels right and everything seems to flow right in place. If you still wish to take the time to work with on a decision, let it go for a day, and it can make a difference and you will have a better and clear way of viewing the situation. I know this seems so amazingly easy but we often forget that when under stress.

5. Nature.  Go out into nature and just be still. Listen to the wind and ocean waves. Look at the pattern of trees, stare at clouds, and watch the petals of flowers flow with the breeze. Often you will start to hear sights and sounds coming out outside of your normal thought process. Remember all the stories and tales of those who went up to the mountain or sat under the tree and when they came back they were wiser and transformed.

And remember this:

Keep your word. 

What you say matters.

Words have the ability to change a whole future.

Love deeply. It is the reason behind all we do.

You have a whole universe inside of you waiting to be revealed. You matter.
I will talk to you all on the air.

- Verna Wilson, July 6, 2016