Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Moth As A Symbol Of Death

There is a lot of folklore on both sides of my family.  Since my mother lived longer and was an immigrant when she married my father,  she brought with her the tales and superstitions of her childhood in Mexico. One of them was that every time she saw a moth within the vicinity,  she would be say: Oh no a moth. I hope no one is going to die. She was a religious woman though more so later in life and she disliked anything to do with superstition or the occult. Yet she never questioned the folklore she grew up with. As young girls growing up in suburban America the stories always seemed out of place in our culture and surroundings,  yet the funny part was that right after our mother would announce her suspicions after seeing the dreaded omen, we would hear of bad news that a relative was sick or worse.  Perhaps it was all coincidence or one could say that she brought it on by focusing on the subject.  But the truth was that she hated anything to with death and she did her best to shrug it off.  But nevertheless it was spooky to witness bad news shortly later.

So what does this have to with people witnessing sightings such as mothman and other unexplainable entitities?  Because the moth has been seen as a symbol of death in other cultures. Black witch moths are native to certain regions of Mexico and they are known to fly at night and are known to be seen in sick rooms.  This sighting of mothman took place when it was dark and the entity reminded the viewers of a large black moth.  No one knows why or where this entity came from.  In studying the spirit world many shaman traditions speak of entities known as elemental spirits.  These spirits are known to take place in the natural world and known as non human but with distinctive qualities that are related to the animal plant or insect species. As my host Anthony said in his blog, they may exist in alternate realities or other dimensions and that could be the reason why we can't find them after a rare sighting.  This may also count for other symbols of death such Angels, and grim reaper type spirits.  They are seen rarely and at certain times in life but their origins are a mystery.  Yet those who have claimed to have seen these visitors never wavered in their accounts. This also goes for the timely sightings of different animals and insects who are known to be messengers of sad news. They are just innocent beings living their daily lives. Yet the connection they have with humans brings them into our lives during times of stress or deep sadness.  (Happy times too but that is a subject for another blog.  ).

By studying these symbols and why they affect us so much is to study our own inner nature and times of transition and transformation. Change can be scary but often it can freeing and for the better. Myths and stories of other beings stay with us for centuries and the more we preserve them,  the more we understand the cycles of life.

I would love to hear your experiences and thoughts on the air or by commenting below.

Black Witch Moth illustratration by sister Jude for Deviant Art.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


One has to wonder with creatures like the Loch Ness Monster, Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot, Chupacabra and even Mothman, if these are species that are just rare or simply appearing in our own atmosphere from another dimension.

Another dimension would explain why we don't always see them, or is so rarely.  This might also explain why we do not find bodies or skeletons of such creatures, they simply do not live here.  The somehow come into our atmosphere and look around, hunt, etc and then disappear as quickly as they arrived.

I personally have very little knowledge in this arena, as I am a ghost hunter. Cryptozoology is a pseudoscience all its own and has its own believers and non-believers, but still hold many fascinating possibilities of what might exist around us.

What I found curious about the Mothman in comparison to say, Bigfoot, is that whenever there has been sightings of Mothman, it has for the most part been after recent UFO sightings.  Maybe the UFO's are dropping them into our atmosphere to see what would happen? To Mothman and to those that encounter them.  Another oddity with Mothman is the appearance of Men In Black around the aftermath of the UFO appearances and sightings. Men dressed in black suits, that look a little off, as if outdated and they ask odd questions of those that claimed they saw the UFO's.  I read of claims that their speech patterns are almost mechanical (very similar sounding to those I have heard in recorded EVP's).  The words are correct, but the speech patterns are oddly phrased or spoken.  They have an odd understanding of sorts of humans and their behavioral actions.

I also found it odd that while researching materials about Mothman, it indicated that many believers feel that Men In Black could be an arm of the government, whereas maybe they themselves are here to do damage control and monitor sightings and activities and are not from here at all.  If people feel they work for the government; sounds like a perfect cover doesn't it?

The one thing I had a hard time associating was the appearance of Mothman as a sign of impending death and destruction.  It was spotted in West Virginia, just prior to the collapse of the silver bridge, killing over 46 people, some of which had recently seen UFO's in the surrounding area.  I also read it was the opposite, that the appearance of Mothman was a warning to those in the area that disaster would soon strike.

Or maybe the appearance of Mothman simply meant that Groundhog Day would come a little bit later this year than normal.  Either way, you understand my meaning, both seem to be reaching for an explanation and seems completely made of 'assumption' rather than fact based.

There have been sightings of Mothman even this year, in 2016.  The large bird-like man has been seen in Singapore a couple of times, each report has been inside some sort of abandonded house or building.  Is Mothman still making visits to our realm, or maybe he (or she) never stopped visiting, just learned to adapt or keep out of sight since those early outings in 1966.

So next time you hear about Bigfoot or Loch Ness Monster, keep in mind that maybe they are not from around here at all, and that would explain a great deal as far as evidence of their existence.

Anthony Anderson

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Within the paranormal world, many often refer to sightings of apparitions with no interaction as 'residual energy", a recorded moment in time that is replayed in the same place for some unknown cause or reason.  The sighting of someone from another time, dressed in clothes of the past walking back and forth, performing the same activity inside a house, is merely the imprint of the energy of another person performing that same task over and over again.

What if this was not the case?  What if when a paranormal investigator, or average person catches a quick glimpse of someone walking through a wall and turns and looks straight at them then continues on and vanishes?  Is this residual energy, or perhaps a form of time travel for both parties involved? 

Let's say a person from the 1800's is preparing a meal and walks through their house to answer the front door.  Another person catches sight of (for only a fraction of a second) the image of a woman walking into the hall and up to the front door, then vanishes.  Is the present day observer traveling into the past, or is the woman from the 1800's traveling through time into the future?  Same house, different centuries. 

When recording EVP's, often researchers will capture the sounds of native American drums, gunfire or musket fire.  Maybe the sounds of a crowd of people, or group of children giggling.  A door slamming shut or a window closing, where there is neither a door or a window.  Is this also another form of time travel, but in an audible sense? Rather than visual, this time it is heard, same principals, of recorded as an imprint.  What if a researcher recorded and EVP after asking a question and it is another person asking, "Did you just hear someone?" Mutual audible time travel perhaps?

Perhaps it is not a different time at all but an entirely different place or universe.  Both see or hear each other at an exact moment and wonder "Who or what is that?"  Depending on your culture or civilization, you would excite any number of theories, our species leaning the heaviest to "they must be the spirits of our dead."  What if someone else, just hears another voice or voices and wonders, "Where are those people, where are they coming from?"  It could be they don't see their people hanging around them for any reason, and simply want to find out "who" is being heard in their atmosphere.

Time travel can be a great many things, but to the paranormal world it can also be both the answers and questions to what we all seek as researchers and investigators.

Anthony Anderson

When The Window Of Time Opens

Over ten years ago I had the strangest dream about San Francisco. I was walking around Beach street when I came across a group of people waiting to cross a street corner. I remember them distinctly. Two women in their 30's and a young boy of at least 13 years of age. They all were dressed in the clothing of the early 19th century. As I looked different I caught their attention. They seemed open and friendly so I asked what year it was and they told me 1903. I then told them that I was from the 21st century and I just happened to be visiting. Rather than act skeptical or treat me like I was talking non sense, they listened and told me that they believed me. We talked a little longer but what was said I don't recall. All I remember is that they were interested and good listeners. Something very rare to find in this age of distractions. I woke up that morning remembering the dream very vividly and writing it down. I could have just put it behind me as an unusual dream but something inside me knew it was more than that. I had tapped into an alternate realty and it took me back somehow. Why that year and street corner, I don't know. A year later, I was in the car with a friend and we drove past that neighborhood with the intentions of going to the beach. I saw what felt like a familiar street corner and told him to stop for a minute so I can look. The details of my dream came back to me. I started to talk about it but then decided to keep it to myself. That is till now. If somehow I had wandered into the past in my dream, could I have warned these people that their city was going to change drastically in a few short years due to a natural disaster? I have no answer for this. 

When the subject of time travel comes up, it's mostly dismissed as the well thought out fantasties of science fiction but putting that aside, our culture has long held a belief that somehow we are able to access the past and plan our future through imagination and visualisation techniques. In centuries past only shamans, druids and trained seer's held the secrets to tapping into other realities and dimensions which included both the past and the future. As a medium, I also have this ability. Sometimes by effort through meditation and trance, sometimes by dreams, and often just spontaneously while day dreaming or thinking. How do I know it's really the past or a future time? The way to answer that is that it feels different. I just know. Anyone who has ever had the same experience will likely say the same thing. Artists and writers are also known as the time travelers and seers of our society. Inspiration often comes in the ability to tell a story that is often part good imagination and part remembering. So is painting or drawing. Music too. We are building and accessing into another realm and translating it into art and music. It's the same with actors and people who participate in reliving history through plays and fairs For a time they go back and when they are out of character, they feel as if they just stepped into another gap of time. And of course most of us have experienced de ja vu at some point in our lives.

Then there the scientific side that is currently researching the physics of time and how it works. The more open minded we are about the possibility of time travel, the more discoveries we will make and it will further open doors that will hopefully help us in areas of medicine, space exploration and other ways I have not thought of here. If we can use it to heal and evolve as a species than all the speculation on time and dimensions is worth it. Many mysteries on unsolved histories will come to light and we will bring what we have learned into the future.