Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Don't Follow Me

I love it when people first start investigating.They learn a lot about what lies beyond and their sensitivity heightens. I watch them grow and they suddenly become a student s learning about life, death, and histories. It makes our own more interesting, and it also helps us to learn about our family stories and try to find that spirit connection we have with both ancestors and recent descendants.

But in following the path of mediums, and seekers of the paranormal there are pitfalls along the way. They need not be pit falls if only we take precautions, but often times when a group I am working with starts to investigate the evidence after a visit somewhere with lots of spirit activity, similar voices or photos will show up and that person will recognize them. I often hear oh I know who that is, they are attached to me and they come up every where. Or I hear: Oh the same spirits surround me all the time and they live in my home with me.

Now lets get a few things straightened out here. We can't be totally free of spirit presences. They are all among us whether we like it or not.Old buildings, houses and places of concentrated activity where a lot of events happened guarantees this and it's natural that they walk among us. However there is a difference on who visits you and whether they are good for you or not. Your deceased parent who is watching over you and comes to look in on you every now and then are good to have around. That is what love is about. It follows us even unto death and it's a warm feeling. We are watched, protected and assured that someday we will be united. How ever lets say that you decided to visit an old hotel and you slept in the room of a former resident and that ghost is still hanging around and takes a fancy to you. He or she decides that your life is more varied and fun than their stale existance so they decide to go home with you and they stay there. Suddenly they are every where you go and pretty soon they start showing up on all the photos even the family ones and you start to know their voice and even recognize it at odd moments. That's when it gets sticky and you have what is known as an attachment. Don't be content with it, Get rid of who ever is there. They do not belong with you. It is like letting a stalker follow you or a stranger in your house. Would you allow that to happen? Of course not. So do the right thing and whenever you visit a place where you are observing spirit presences, be friendly and respectful but always say to them: DO NOT FOLLOW ME. And when you get home please smudge your self or take a bath with sea salt and if you are ever browsing a store that sells supplies for spiritual practices, buy a container of bath crystals that contain an oil with Dragon's Blood. It's an herb made from the resin of a plant found in Indonesia. It's powerful stuff and it will cleanse all that auric residue left over. The incense is good too but the bath really feels wonderful and it helps you feel so clear again.

The idea is that we want to be clean vessels with a clear space where only our energy and thoughts are our own and not influenced by energies around us. When a spirit presence clings in an unhealthy manner, you feel drained, your thoughts are often muddled or unclear. You can't sleep well. (Likewise with people who are alive and are too clingy and needy. They make you feel the same way.)

So what it means to be a clean vessel is that your energy is lighter,cleaner,clearer. Your creativity and sensitive side is heightened. You attract spiritual experiences of a higher nature and this in turn makes you even better when it comes to discerning paranormal experiences. You are able to make sense of what is going around you without a lot of interference. Staying clear and meditation,grounding and prayer work are good for keeping this type of balance.

Remember there are lots of lost souls out there. Of course we feel for them and we do care, but your life is meant to be your own destiny. Just wish them well and go live your life. On your terms only.

I look forward to expanding this subject with everyone on the air.

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